Partitioning during Win 2000 setup

  ridding 21:34 03 Jan 03
  ridding 21:34 03 Jan 03

Has anyone experience with partitioning a hard drive during the installation of win 2000,
If so do you think it is feasable to be able to partition a 120 gig hard drive into a primary of 10 gig and 2 extended partitions of 55 gig each, then formating them ntfs or would it be wiser using partition magic.
Any thoughts on the subject much appreciated.
G :)

  BBez 23:13 03 Jan 03

Always better to keep your data on a seperate partition from the Operating System then if the OS goes down you can reinstall the OS and not lose your data on the other partition/s.

Make your primary partition that you're installing the OS on around 20 gig which will leave you plenty of room for OS expansion as you install more software. Make you're other 2 extendeds 50 gig each. If you want extra security use NTFS instead of FAT 32. There is also a lot less "slack" with NTFS.

Also bear in mind if you wanted to remove 2000 and reinstall say Win 98/ME then any partitions you have created and formatted with NTFS will not be accessible from the FAT 32 file system

  LastChip 23:14 03 Jan 03

There are many parts to this, and one of the clearest resources I have found is click here

You will see, Partition Magic may not support disks of the size you quote. (I don't know how up to date the above site is)!

However, "fdisk" will, albeit possibly with a patch.

So why not use "fdisk" to partition the drive, and then format as required with W2K?

The above link is recommended reading and well worthwhile if you haven't visited the site before.

  Quiller. 23:21 03 Jan 03

This will fdisk up to 128gig.

click here

Don't know if it is of any help.

  ridding 07:31 04 Jan 03

Many Thanks for your replies, to add what little knowledge I actualy have from partitioning experience:
Partition magics latest offering offers support up to either 160 or 180 gig hard drives so that would be an easy way out but why pay £50 for somthing you will use to do 1 job then chances are will need the next version as I already have 2 other versions which are of no use to me in this instance.
Hence the question of compatability whether either fdisk or win 2000 partitioning software would be compatable with a 120 gig hard drive, I have yet to fully read the links provided so will leave this discussion open a little longer.
Many thanks
G :)

  wint 10:14 04 Jan 03

Hi ridding, yes it is possible and very easy to partition during Win2000 installation.

Assuming you have backed up all info, it is also very easy and straight forward to re-partition after Win2000 installation.

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