Partition Titling

  daveac41 17:56 09 Dec 05

I have given desciptive titles to the four partitions on my main drive, but recently a game that I installed gave its own name to the partition title;I have since deleted it but title stayed in place and defies all attempts to correct it. Any ideas , please

  Diemmess 18:22 09 Dec 05

The old fashioned way to rename a drive is done at FORMAT when you are offered a volume label to name.
This is a drastic last resort for you, and doubtless someone will come up with a better way.

  BurrWalnut 18:58 09 Dec 05

You can rename the drive in Disk Mngt but before changing it, go to Folder Options and click show hidden and system files then search for a file on the hard disk named autorun.inf and delete it.

  BRYNIT 21:53 15 Dec 05

If you have Win XP click on My computer right click on the drive name and go down to rename and change to the name you want.

  daveac41 23:32 15 Dec 05

Sorry, Brynit - I tried that already- it just ignores any attempt to change it

  ade.h 16:02 16 Dec 05

You can't change volume names in Disk Management without resorting to formatting the partition. Only drive letters can be changed on the fly.

  daveac41 16:19 16 Dec 05

Hi Ade.h

I've got 4 partitions- all created from one drive. The first I left as C, so as not to rock the boat - the others have been X,Y,Z,etc, each with various names. I've changed them in Windows Explorer several times - but this one drive refuses to be changed

  ade.h 19:18 16 Dec 05

Renaming them in Explorer does not change the root name of the volume, only how it appears in its friendly form in a folder window or save dialogue. This game that has taken over a volume name has done exactly that, and then made the name - for want of a better description - read only. Why it has done this is anybody's guess; I suppose only the developer could answer that.

Usually, when I have to deal with difficult little problems that won't be sorted through bormal means, I resort to a good old-fashioned registry hack. With careful searching, it is sometimes possible to find the faulty reg entry and modify its value or delete it altogether. In your case, as the offending software has been removed, I would find and delete any entries that pertain to it.

  ade.h 19:19 16 Dec 05

bormal?? - Should be normal!

  daveac41 10:12 17 Dec 05

Thanks - I found 3-4 entries that referred to deleted game. Once I blitzed them, the problem was solved.
Thanks to all , Merry Christmas


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