Partition problems - Space

  WebGuy 23:11 24 Oct 03

I have a partition on my Hard Drive (one half for a system-C-1GB, another for document, programs, games etc-D-54Gb.), and by default some of the progs are usually installs to drive with a system. (So, you can?t change the location). Now I?m running with 39 Mb free space on C (and can't use System Restore). How can I set Drive D as a default Drive for the programs of that kind, and drop another 200 Mb from D (drive for a documents) to C- Drive for a system?

  WebGuy 23:46 24 Oct 03

Ah, please...

  Terrahawk 00:17 25 Oct 03

most programs allow you to choose the insalation directory howevr the only way i can see out of this without trashing the drive would be partition magic which will allow you to resize the partition unfortunatly this does cost

  WebGuy 00:19 25 Oct 03

Where can I get trial?

  WebGuy 00:23 25 Oct 03

...Trial version of this program...

  Terrahawk 00:23 25 Oct 03

click here it will let you play around but not save changes

  WebGuy 00:27 25 Oct 03

All right, I'll try this one. Thanks a lot. Thank you.

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