Partition Magic - separating the OS

  BrianW 19:38 13 Feb 03

I'm considering getting Partition Magic. Have read the earlier threads and it seems to get good reviews. I have two questions regarding its use:
1 - will it allow me to automatically separate my OS (win 98se) into a partition of its own
2 - if it will, are there any particular problems associated with this.
I'm thinking of doing it because I want to delete and reinstall the Win 98se, without having to clean out and reload everything else on the disc.
I'm also considering running XP as a dual boot at some time in the future. I'm running two HDDs, using the slave as a complete, bootable backup of the master disc. Your thoughts would be appreciated.

  Lú-tzé 19:50 13 Feb 03

1 - you will have to reninstall the OS into its own partition - this will mean that you then have to reinstall progs etc.

Back up all your data first though - onto some sort of removable storage.

Install PM, partition as you wish then format C drive, install Win98 and then later you can install XP onto another partition.

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