Partition Magic advice

  STEVE71163 17:49 05 Apr 03

I am interested in partitioning my hard drive and i was told to look at partition magic. I have got a few questions about its use.
They are-
Would i need to reinstall my operating system?
If i didnt could i seperate my files etc that are already on my c drive?
If like this last week when i had a problem with some beta software i had downloaded and i ended up having to reinstall my os Would i be able to download to a seperate partition and re format just that part if their were problems?

Many Thanks!

  Elrond 18:06 05 Apr 03

Using partition magic you can take a chunk of your free space and assign it its own drive letter. With OS still intact. you could then drag any files you want(dont mess with system files) to the new partition. You can download your software to the sperate partition and reformat that part if there are probs

  Brian-336451 18:11 05 Apr 03

Reinstall - no.
Download to a different partition - yes, if you point the software (I use Getright) at your preferred download folder. You could reformat that partition any time you liked without affecting your OS.

Not sure what you mean by separating your files, if you wish just to move applications between partitions the easiest way is to de-install/re-install. If its data, just move it and if any applications complain, point them at the new location.

For example (nothing to do with PM) I keep my Outlook.pst files (3 different users) on my D: drive in a folder called mail, with sub-directories for each person. Each of our Outlook installations looks in the relevant folder for its info instead of being buried in the Windows/Documents directories. This makes for easier backups.

Hope this helps.

  STEVE71163 18:11 05 Apr 03

Thanks for replying Elrond. So i wouldnt need to reinstall my present os (win xp)

  Elrond 18:12 05 Apr 03


  STEVE71163 18:17 05 Apr 03

Thanks for the replys. This software sounds a brilliant idea. Any idea how much it is?

  Elrond 18:21 05 Apr 03


  STEVE71163 18:25 05 Apr 03

Thanks Elrond. I think i will go out Monday and get a copy. :o)

  STEVE71163 21:26 05 Apr 03

I have a 80gb hd so how much would windows xp need and would i probably have so much for software and then so much for files etc?

  Qmar 23:54 05 Apr 03

XP ----11GB (+/- 3 GB) ( variables - programs etc ) , data - depends on if your into imaging or long is a piece of string..answer 'x cm' ;)

  Qmar 23:58 05 Apr 03

some views here..
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