Partition HD

  I-W 14:21 31 Jan 05

Im running xp on an 80 gig HD. I would like to back up all the data on the HD format the HD and reinstall xp. But how can I partition the HD before installing xp, and what would I need to do it?

  mattyc_92 14:24 31 Jan 05

I use "Partition Magic".... You can "resize" your current "partition" to allow some space for another primary or logical partition (primary drives are the ones with the operating systems installed onto)

  I-W 14:26 31 Jan 05

Greatt, thanks. At what part do I run partition magic, Before I reinstall xp?

  GANDALF <|:-)> 14:31 31 Jan 05

Personally I would just copy to CD. I've seen too many HDs FUBAR when reformatting, remember to check the CDs prior to is also much cheaper


  mattyc_92 14:32 31 Jan 05

Do you want it before you format the system for a "backup" drive of all your files??? If not, then you can use windows setup to create a partition.... Press the "c" key on your keyboard after you have pressed "enter->F8->d->l" Then you have deleted the old partition and then you can then press "c" and type in how much space you wish to have for Windows and the rest will be "unallicated" so you can just use the "Computer Management" tool (the Disk Management section of it) to create partitions.... This will save you money...

  mattyc_92 14:35 31 Jan 05

Ok... ignore my latest post.. Just relised that you want to backup the files onto this partition... I would copy onto a CD-R or DVD-R/DVD+R... It will, again, save you money (you will be paying just for some cds or dvds and not a £40 program)

  I-W 14:39 31 Jan 05

What I would like to do is take off all my documents and files, Format the HD and then partition the HD to create a primary drive for the xp to run from.

  mattyc_92 14:43 31 Jan 05

Have you got a cd rewritter??? If so, burn the files you want to keep onto a CD-R and put it to one side... Then follow the instructions I gave you at 14:32.... (The one I said to ignore)

  I-W 14:45 31 Jan 05

Many thanks.

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