partition hard disk

  Rhuddlan 22:05 19 Apr 03

I have Win XP home and a copy of ME and want two opearating systems on one hard disk, how do I partition them and do this, and if I do do this, will I have the option at startup of which opearating system I want to use, help in advice please, Thanks.

  MAJ 22:30 19 Apr 03

Install ME first, Rhuddlan. Then insert the XP CD and choose Custom install it will ask you if you want to create a partition from the free space, if I remember correctly (it's been a while since I did it) answer Yes and direct it to install on that partition. When both OSs are installed you will get the option, on bootup, to choose which OS to load, ME or XP, it will default to load XP after 30 secs if you don't choose.

  MAJ 22:34 19 Apr 03

Be aware that if you choose to have XP install as NTFS, the ME partition will not be able to see the XP partition, best to keep them both as FAT32.

  Rhuddlan 16:13 20 Apr 03

I have not got an xp cd I did not get one with my computer, why is this? and will I lose all of my work already on the computer, docs music etc?
Thanks for the help

  rickf 17:10 20 Apr 03

I may be wrong but if you only have the recovery disc from the vendors you cannot do a dula boot as you seem to want. You need XP disc.

  Kalb 17:12 20 Apr 03

There was an excellent posting by Flecc back in May of last year which you should be able to find under Resolved issues...entitled 'Achieving dual boot 98/ME with pre-installed XP'. Should solve your problem of not having an XP CD.....where did you say you got your computer from !!

  Rhuddlan 18:57 22 Apr 03

My computer is from currys, it's a packard bell i design 170+, with a crap graphics card, an S3 graphics prosavage, has anyone actually heared of this graphics card?

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