partial read of floppy on boot!!

  henry246 20:06 04 Jul 06

Hi all. I am trying to boot an old pc... bits and pieces from others etc.... when I boot up the start up floppy is only partially read!
When I type "dir" it only shows a selection of the files - notably no "format" or any beginning with letters after "O". I am flumoxed any ideas!!!
Regards Henry

  VoG II 20:24 04 Jul 06

Silly question but have you checked using a working PC that all the files are on the floppy?

  henry246 20:48 04 Jul 06

I did do that. In fact I tried several different startup discs. Though they are all slightly different only the same file are shown on this pc... btw I also swapped the the floppy!

  henry246 21:24 04 Jul 06

what I was trying to say was that ichanged the FDD!

  pj123 21:38 04 Jul 06

Where did these "several different startup discs" originate from?

Try a Boot Disk from: click here

To me a boot disk and a startup disk are two different things.

  woodchip 22:08 04 Jul 06

Boot disc can just have the files for boot. A Startup Disc is created in Windows using the Win98se CD or you can download it From your link. To create a boot disc in 98 you choose format with a floppy in the drive then tick the "Copy System Files"

  woodchip 22:32 04 Jul 06

PS when you do it through Forma copy system files you can add other files like Format and others that you may need it allows you to custom create a boot disc

  henry246 22:47 04 Jul 06

Thanks for your input..... Some of the floppys are start ups created from Win 98 etc another was a generic one I downloaded. Thety have all worked on ohter pc's in the past! I have added things like smartdrv and raid configs etc already

  henry246 22:48 04 Jul 06

pj123 thats where I got my one from.. thanks though.

  woodchip 23:01 04 Jul 06

Try the drive with a different Ribbon Cable

  henry246 23:17 04 Jul 06

have tyried that but i will change it a gain in the morning thanks

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