Part Of Page Missing In PC Guard

  thicasabrick 22:46 09 Dec 06

Hi all, I have Blueyonder broadband running on my computer, problem is when I open up PC Guard (this comes with Blueyonder)and then for instance click on the Firewall tab and then the Internet Access Rules tab, about one third of the right hand side of the page is not in view. This means I cannot make any adjustments because, as I say the ticks and crosses are not in view. Can anyone help me sort this out.
Thanks in advance for any help.
P.S. I'm running Internet Explorer v7

  thicasabrick 23:01 09 Dec 06

Just noticed my home page in Internet Explorer is click here and some of the print on the page is ontop of one another. Hope this helps someone to tell me whats wrong.

  thicasabrick 23:17 09 Dec 06

Sorted, DPI was set to 120, instead of 96.

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