Parental Controls by BTYahoo On Line Security

  Stressed Mum 17:41 05 Nov 06

I have just installed BT Yahoo online security package on my kids PC. 3 PC's in house - all sub account users of main account (Not network) Do I also need to install it on mine? I really don't want the bother of having to sign in each time I use the internet or go to email. Does anyone else have it? Can I still access the activity reports from my PC? Does anyone have any hot tips? My children are absolutely fine about having to sign in and feel much more protected by it all which is great - I thought I was going to have a problem. Is there a better, easier to use freeby out there that anyone can recommend? Many thanks. SM :(

  pcbobby 19:30 05 Nov 06

Bump! Can anyone help this mum?

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