Parallels windows 7 transfer over network

  Jwbjnwolf 19 May 11

Dear all,

I have an iMac upstairs in my room and we are planning on getting the mac mini connected to the TV in replacement of our dvd player and dell pc.

The dell pc came with windows 7 preinstalled.

We got it easter last year from BLI Education which lets you get a computer with educational software worth over 1/2 a grand free of charge unless it exceeds the price limit.

This Dell is good, but it is so slow with windows 7 on.

I have a good mind of wiping the computer clean and putting linux on but I do not want to lose half a grand of lovely educational software.

I have Parallels on my mac(trial) and would like to know how good the switch to mac edition is, as I have come across some comments on how it did not work well enough for them. Parallels is a fantastic piece of kit, but I want to know if that cable is really worth the extra money.

What are your recommendations on this subject?

Yours sincerely


  bremner 19 May 11

Parallels Transporter lets you create a VM from the physical disk of another computer. You can use their USB cable, a firewire cable or over a network.

Click Here

  Jwbjnwolf 20 May 11

Would it work if I hooked the Pc up to my mac directly via Ethernet?

  bremner 20 May 11

Not sure,the user guide does not suggest so, it would have to be a cross over cable.

It will certainly work if both computers were networked

  Jwbjnwolf 20 May 11

Does remote desktop have to be enabled on windows to do transfer via network?

  bremner 20 May 11

This has nothing to do with remote desktop.

Follow the Parallels Transporter instructions in my link.


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