parallel port (printer) - adaptor for USB1

  Qmar 01:15 02 Feb 03

Having an Epson inkjetprinter and a Samsung laserprinter , both parallel-port; I was thinking of getting a USB/parallel converter - namely this :digital dream total £13.49
click here>

- I'm sure that one( if not both ) printer will adapt to this connection after reading older threads.

.. I do not really want to fit another parallel port you see ..

Alternatively I could buy this click here> if I decide I need more usb points ( I have two at the moment ).

Would anyone have experience of such a setup , please comment ... or a better supplier.

  Qmar 17:44 02 Feb 03

refreshing once..

  -pops- 17:55 02 Feb 03

Printers tend to be quite choosy as to where and what they fit. With USB printers it is often found that they will not work through a hub but will work when connected direct. Similarly, parallel printers tend not to work if placed in series with something else. Your best bet is the thing you don't want to do - fit another parallel port but, you could use a switch box and use either/or printer - it's unlikely you would want to use both at the same time.


  hgrock 18:14 02 Feb 03

i have used the first one in your thread from belkin and it works like a dream

  zaach 18:19 02 Feb 03

I have had a USB/Parallel cable on an Epson 440 for two years, works perfectly well although no noticeable increase in speed. My cable cost a lot more than the one quoted here(about£30), totally different look to the cable as well. My cable has appearance of standard printer cable.

  Qmar 18:39 02 Feb 03

..many thanks for all replies.

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