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  alsattic 12:46 10 Jul 07

Hi, just re-installed XP and software on new computer (even registering Xp again went ok) but I now have 2 problems. In word and on the printer there are a lot of sizes missing (A5, photo etc) anybody any ideas?
Also I've set pc to hibernate when not using it, but it will not come back with either mouse (usb laser) or with the k/board. When I touch power switch, all it does is windows resuming and then shuts down.
Thanks all

  Taff™ 13:19 10 Jul 07

The second part of your problem - Right click on the desktop and select properties. Screensaver Tab and then Power Option. On the advanced tab there is an option for "When I press the power button" which I guess says shut down, try changing that.

Your printer size problem suggests that your printer driver isn`t up to date. Try the manufacturers website for an up to date version for your OS.

  alsattic 16:33 10 Jul 07

Cured paper sizes problem, found original install disc and now all sizes are there.
With respect to wake up from hibernation, I've tried all the power options to what it should do, but it still only returns from hibernation with the power button and then shuts down.

  Stuartli 17:38 10 Jul 07

You may need to check in the Bios whether one of the (possible choice of) ACPI//APM/Power settings is Enabled.

There could be an Auto setting or a choice of S + a number:

This link details the various choices which are/may be available:

click here

From Power Settings in Control Panel afterwards you can configure the options you require. See this link for some guidance:

click here

Remember that Standby doesn't Save all your settings if used, in contrast to Hibernate, and if you have a power breakdown or problem you may lose data etc not already Saved.

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