Paper jamming

  Hivoumou 23:19 31 Jan 13

I have a canon printer keeps on showing that the paper is jammed although no printing paper is jammed. How can I fix this or what can I do to rectify this problem? Thank you

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 23:27 31 Jan 13

see here

  spuds 11:05 01 Feb 13

I have found that Paper Jam error messages can sometimes be caused by the most simplest things, and not a very noticeable sheet of paper causing a jam.

Usually it means a case of looking inside the printer for small objects, small piece of torn paper left behind from a previous problem, dust on sensor or arms etc. Do not forget to remove any electrical power to the printer, before tampering inside.

I haven't looked, but a Google or YouTube search, might provide further advice on printer service or repair on this paper jam error message problem?.

  northumbria61 12:15 01 Feb 13

I agree with comments made by spuds - I once spent 2 days with the same problem before finding the smallest piece of torn paper jammed in the roller mechanism - with the aid of a torch and the printer upside down! It took me ages to extract it.

  chub_tor 14:59 01 Feb 13

Paper Jam messages on all in ones often happen because something has been left on the lid, then it is lifted up and the object drops into the mechanism. Found a small paper clip in a friend's machine.

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