paper jamming

  swanny2 23:38 19 Sep 05

hi all ive got a epson c86 not used it much but when i come too print something i always get the paper jamming . yet i make sure its all in line etc yet when it starts printing it seems too jam all the time ...any ideas plz .
thx. :O)

  Forum Editor 23:48 19 Sep 05

1. Do you fan the paper before you load the printer - to stop the sheets adhering to one another?

2. Have you set the printer's paper thickness lever in the correct position?

3. How many sheets do you normally put in the paper tray?

  LastChip 23:55 19 Sep 05

1. Badly stored paper - Not stored flat and/or in a damp atmosphere.

2. Incorrect grade of paper - to thin or to thick.

3. Printer needs cleaning.

4. Worn or damaged feed rollers - often caused by 2 above.

Epson do have an excellent technical help line and if the printer is fairly new, they may be able to offer advice and/or repair.

  swanny2 23:59 19 Sep 05

ty for quick reply but the paper when its goin in seems to sound if its snatching it in . as i say ive only used this a couple of times was ok b4. hmm .
ty anyway .:O)

  Zion_Lion 00:52 20 Sep 05

Have you checked to see that no small objects have fallen into the printer, a friend with the same model printer had a tooth pick fall in, and worked its way down to the rollers causing the same problem. It was a bit hard to find.

Regards ZL

  swanny2 01:20 20 Sep 05

cheers mate solved thatwas the paper crinkled a bit well i think its that lol workin ok now. Problem is now ive just renewed me ink with 4 new compatibles but its only printing out now in black ? any ideas .all the cartridges r in correct.ive cleaned nozzles etc. .
thx all .:O)

  Diemmess 17:41 20 Sep 05

There's a shedload of posts about head cleaning available in the Helproom forum.... To anyone who has religiously followed that advice and still finds no joy, the whole thing can recover by doing nothing at all until tomorrow.... Hopefully by morning all the frantic acivity is old news, and ink has displaced the host of tiny air bubles in the various pathways.

  swanny2 20:38 22 Sep 05

not a clue what ure on about diamess but ty anyway lol .
Anyway i seem too get the colours pinky red now and blue but no green or yellow?blacks ok .and there all new cartridges..any1 any ideas why this is happening.
ive cleaned nozzles etc.
thanks .
swanny :O)¬~~~~~~~

  jack 19:54 23 Sep 05

Ink delivery
If head cleaning [in the regular manner] does not resolve- and as this is is a light use printer then dried ink in head is possinlity so try this.
Remoce the cartrdiges and find a drinking straw or piece of cable insulation that will fit snugly ove the feed spikes in the cartridge chamber, intro duce some distilled water with a splash of spirit [vodka]and gently suck/blow bach and fort - a syring or a small squeezy bottle would be a good idea.
then leave over night. Put that carts in next morning then give it a go.

  swanny2 10:47 27 Sep 05

tx all but still no good .must be cheap catridges.

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