panel conections

  1x11456 13:33 05 Oct 04

i have just got a pc chips m/board m811lu as a comp for the grandkids and i have a problem rewirering the front panel as it wont start up ( no power)
pin 1/3 hdd led
pin 2/4 msg led (dual color or single color +)
pin 5/7 reset sw
6/8 power switch
9 reserved
10 no pin
i have the reset and hdd led set ok but i have tried the power sw and the power les on pins 6/8 and no power is there sonthing else iam missing yes i have chesked the fuse as i swoped the monitor cable..thanks in advance.. :-)

  Fred the flour grader 14:17 05 Oct 04

I think you will need a copy of the Mobo manual. This will tell you the configuration of the pins and voltage. If posssible though there might be little markings on the Mobo itself to show you what goes where.
My power supply messed up so changed the case and I to had trouble getting it back connected, as i had not written down the configuration for the reset/on-off switch and hdd and power led's.
It was a case of trial and error till I got it right. The double connector pins may not align to just 1-2 3-4 and so forth, they may bridge between pins 1-3 2-4 if you get what I mean.
Good luck

  1x11456 14:31 05 Oct 04

just to update i had a phone call from a buddy and he said try moving the cmos pins so i did and bingo everythings working

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