PaintShop Pro

  Cobber 19:21 06 Mar 04

I think this may be a rather dumb question but perhaps I cannot see the wood for the trees. Does anyone know how you unlock the aspect ratio control lock in the print dialogue box? I want to print to an exact size and do not mind a small degree of distortion between height and width providing my final result is exactly the size I want. It's gotta be there somewhere!!

  Indigo 1 19:26 06 Mar 04

I think it probably depends on your printer software.

Which printer and software are you using ?

  cycoze 19:44 06 Mar 04

Can you not just resize the image in PaintShop first ? click on image tab (or shift-s ) at the bottom of the box you can unlock aspect ratio.

  Cobber 19:46 06 Mar 04

It is definately a PSP print option, before you go to the printer dialogue box. Have tried it on Epsom 950 and HP 693C. Thanks for response

  Cobber 19:51 06 Mar 04

Tried that but the size in the prints option box seems not to relate exactly to any resize exercise undertaken in PSP. I am sure it is finger trouble on my part but I cannot get a handle on it! Thanks for response.

  AndyJ 19:57 06 Mar 04

Have you tried using the templates in Print Layout option?

  cycoze 20:12 06 Mar 04

When clicking on `file` then `print` the first box up should have the option (under the placement tab)to resize and position .

  Cobber 20:26 06 Mar 04

I have not but will investigate. Thanks for response

  Cobber 20:30 06 Mar 04

Thanks cycoze. It does but the aspect ratio bar is locked. It's me, I am missing something very simple.

  Boluwd 20:49 06 Mar 04

I'd be interested in the answer to your query as I haven't a clue how to do this either.... >to my postings

  Simsy 21:35 06 Mar 04

as well... with apologies for hijack!



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