Painting my PC case.

  KRONOS the First 20 May 12

I have stripped my Lian Li PC8FIB PC case to its component parts and I have removed all switches, the optical drive faceplate and will be sanding and priming in due course. I intend to spray paint it silver with several coats of clear coat to finish. My question is what would be the best type of paint to use?Nearly all the surface I will be painting is metal but obviously the front bezel of the optical drive is plastic.

This is my first attempt t painting myself,I have had other cases powder coated but that tends to be quite a thick coating and can cause problems with switch and buttons so I am hoping hand painting will be thinner coating. Just not sure of the correct paint type.

And why am I doing it,I managed to scratch the case slightly which has annoyed me so I thought this would be a great chance to learn a bit more about modding.

  onthelimit1 20 May 12

I usually use plasti-kote Details

  KRONOS the First 20 May 12

Just what I am looking for, seems ideal,thanks.

  robin_x 20 May 12

I have been painting old gash furniture.

Bookcase, dining table and a set of bunk-beds.

My advice. Don't. It takes bloody days and days.

  robin_x 20 May 12

(results are nice though)

  KRONOS the First 20 May 12

Time I have plenty of so I really do not mind. Like everything else make sure that the right tools and equipment are to hand and go for it. I intend to get into air brushing in due course put some artwork on the cases.


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