paint shop pro X2 question

  heepster 15:06 05 Mar 09

I am new to this program, but need to know how to cut piece of a picture and then how to import another piece into its place. Tried the psp forum and no-one answered! I guess its the same procedeure for most of the editors, but I dont know where to start.Any advice much appreciated

  MAJ 15:20 05 Mar 09

Using the Selection tool, select the part of the picture you want to get rid of, then hit Delete.

Go to your other picture and, using the Selection tool again, select the part of the picture you want to 'import', this time go to Edit > Copy. Then go to the first picture, and go to, Edit > Paste > Paste as a new layer (Ctrl + L, does the same). Then move the new piece around with the Move tool until you get it in place. If need be, bring up the Layer Palette and move the new piece's layer under the original picture's layer.

  eedcam 15:30 05 Mar 09

You may find these of some help one covers nearly everything the othere is video tutorials there are loads on google
click here
click here

  MAJ 15:43 05 Mar 09

.......... What you asked is really basic stuff in PSP, you should familiarise yourself with PSP's tools and what they can do, using online tutorials and trial and error, especially as you've made the investment of buying the software.

  heepster 17:08 10 May 09

Many thanks to you all.Playtime!

  eedcam 19:46 10 May 09

Just one basic rule Heepster regardless of anything you are trying .Never work on the original always duplicate it then if you make any mistakes you can start again from fresh (with another duplicateof course).

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