Pages Expiring

  AdventCalendar 14:25 30 Jan 03


Probably just an easy quesiton for someone....

When i use a search facility on certain web sites/message boards and it brings up the list, i am ok to select the one i want....but if i want to just click "Back" to goto the search results page again, the page comes up with the warning "Page Expired"...but this doesnt happen on my PC in work, or my mates computers....

any ideas of why, and how i can stop it???



  MichelleC 15:26 30 Jan 03

Maybe it's your cache, try adjusting.

  Djohn 15:35 30 Jan 03

Also have a look at the *security level* setting of your home PC, this may be set too high.

  AdventCalendar 16:51 30 Jan 03

adjust in which way MicelleC...

  AdventCalendar 08:57 31 Jan 03


  Patr100 10:59 31 Jan 03

What Browser and version are you using? IE 6, 5.5 or other?

  MichelleC 11:07 31 Jan 03

Try device manager/performance/file system, and check it's on full.
You can use a cache manager like Cacheman to reset, which can return to defaults if required.

  AdventCalendar 14:22 31 Jan 03

IE 6.

  Patr100 15:35 31 Jan 03

Look at tools/Internet options/

In temporary internet files - settings - check for newer versions of stored pages - Automatically.

In Privacy and security tabs check setting is for medium.

  AdventCalendar 16:13 31 Jan 03


already set to that matey.

  jazzypop 16:23 31 Jan 03

A simple workaround...

Don't click on the thread that you are interested in - right-click on it and choose 'Open in new window'.

Read the thread, close the window when you are done - the initial search page is still there as it always was.

It works well for me on this site, and on Google. This technique also allows you to have more than one thread open, for comparison, cut & paste, etc.

You should also check in IE > Tools Internet Options > Security, select Internet Zone then press Custom, scroll down to 'allow META REFRESH' and ensure that it is set to enable.

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