Ben Avery 14:22 05 Mar 03


Just a query. I have noticed that on my C: drive which contains Windows 2000 Professional, my pagefile.sys is a whopping 768MB. This is about a third of everything on the drive!

I have 512MB DDR RAM installed so is it necessary to have such a huge file on disk as I believe this is the virtual memory container?


  JoeC 14:38 05 Mar 03

my page file is 800 MB : }

  MartinT-B 15:32 05 Mar 03

I think (and I am not perfect so I could be wrong) that this is the NT equivalent of windows swapfile.

You should find it goes up and down in size depending on what you're doing.

If it is the NT swapfile then you can move it to another drive where chances are it will be more efficient.

FYI my swapfile is on it's own partition of 1GB and is using 160MB of it. I set the partition size as 4 x RAM = 1024MB

  Ben Avery 16:20 05 Mar 03 are saying that I can safety "Move" it to another partition without causing any problems?

  Ben Avery 16:21 05 Mar 03

Yes it is the equiv of the swapfile just named differently in Win 2000

  MartinT-B 17:00 05 Mar 03

persoanlly I moved it there so it doesn't get mixed up with other files on my C: drive and works more efficiently. Windows doesn't have to search all over my C: for different parts of it.

I KNOW you can move the pagefile.sys on Windows NT and XP, not sure about 2000.

Some say you can't, this one says you can!

click here

  Lead 17:11 05 Mar 03

768mb = 1/3 of the drive? Must be a small drive :)

If you haven't altered the swap file settings manually, Windows will resize it as it needs to. Some people recommend moving it to a drive that doesn't have the OS on it; or to another partition. Some people recommend setting it manually, to a fixed size, so Windows isn't resizing it all the time and slowing things down.

I have two HDDs so have a fixed size page file of 1024mb on the drive that doesn't contain the OS. I have 512mb of RAM.

  Lead 17:18 05 Mar 03

Before you move it though, defrag the partiton or drive (of the one you are moving it to) first. That way the swap file will be continuous.

  Ghetto SupaSTAR 18:12 05 Mar 03

I would defrag the hard drive after moving the swap file to another location.

  Ben Avery 23:16 05 Mar 03

I'll do both!


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