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  K*B 21:26 01 Oct 10

Hello friends, I am writing a report document using WORD 2007 and am required to draw a supporting block diagram on the next page. This block diagram can only fit when the pge orientation is "landscape", not "portrait" like the rest of the pages. How do I make this next page "landscape" while the other pages are "portrait"? Or how do I add a "landscape" page to a document whose pages are all "portrait"? Thanks in advance.

  STREETWORK 21:33 01 Oct 10

Insert a page break...

  BRYNIT 22:05 01 Oct 10

this should help click here

  K*B 16:46 03 Oct 10

Thanks BRYNIT. That's very helpful indeed. It shows me how to change individual page orientations of an already prepared document from portrait to landscape and vice versa, right? What about choosing page orientations while I type along? For example I am still typing my report which has been in portrait so far, but I need to type the next page in landscape because the table which goes in there has many columns and therefore will spread beyond the width of a page in portrait. Do you know of a web document that has information on this? Thanks.

  Batch 17:11 03 Oct 10

Each time you want to change page orientation, insert a "section" break and set the orientation as desired for that "section".


Pages 1, 2, 3 Portrait (as that's ussually the default)

Section Break

Pages 4, 5 Landscape

Section Break

Pages 6 to 17 Portrait

  BRYNIT 19:34 03 Oct 10

When you get to the end of the portrait page click on margins/custom margins change to orientation to landscape and select from the apply to drop down list, this point forwards. This will change all following pages to landscape After inserting diagram etc you will need to change it back to portrait for the next page.

  K*B 12:36 04 Oct 10

Thanx friends, I'll certainly try these.

  K*B 08:38 21 Oct 10

Thanks folks (especially BRYNIT). It worked.

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