Page files

  rupie 22:48 11 Jan 07

Is it better to have a page file on a seperate HDD ?
It is recommended by Adobe when using photoshop but what about in normal windows?

  SANTOS7 22:55 11 Jan 07

Mine is, seems to run Ok for me, XP Pro SP2

  sinbads 23:12 11 Jan 07

If its on a separate drive yes if its on a partition on the same drive no, min and max values should be the same

  rupie 23:14 11 Jan 07

I would have thought it would but I did a test with the Pf on both my OS HDD and just on another HDD. the test was that it had to process 141mb of raw data images. MY XP SP2 PC has 2 identical SATA drives and this is what I tested. The test results were the same (1min:45sec) for both, The only difference was the PF dsage amounts. mmmmmmmmmm

  sinbads 23:32 11 Jan 07

By putting the paging file on a different physical hard disk drive. That way, Windows can handle multiple I/O requests more quickly. When the paging file is on the boot partition, Windows must perform disk reading and writing requests on both the system folder and the paging file. When the paging file is moved to a different partition and a different physical hard disk drive, there is less competition between reading and writing requests.

  brundle 23:37 11 Jan 07

If both drives are IDE the page file must be on a drive on another IDE channel, no benefit otherwise.

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