Page Extraction from pdf document

  K*B 25 Feb 12

Hello friends, how do I extract and isolate one of the pages in a 9-page pdf document? I need to use this one page as an attachment to an email message. thanx.

  muddypaws 25 Feb 12

Is this any good. Just browsed google after reading your post.

One page pdf

Probably more expert help on the way.

  GroupFC 25 Feb 12

You could download Pdfsam, which is a free open source programme that splits pdf files.

  beeuuem 25 Feb 12

One option is to uses a pdf printer such as

Install the printer - open the pdf document and print the page the page by selecting 'dopdf as the printer and choosing the page you wish to print from the options, i.e. print page 6 to 6. The page will be 'printed' as a pdf file in the location you choose.

  lotvic 25 Feb 12

Or select page area and copy to clipboard, paste into your photo editing prog or Paint and save as a .jpg

  octal 25 Feb 12

I've got a really simple way of doing it at work, I've got Primo PDF installed and all I do is go to the page I want and re-print it as a PDF and save it, it works just fine.

  K*B 28 Feb 12

Thanks friends, but my 9-page document is already in pdf. All I need to do is to isolate one of the 9 pdf pages and use it as a separate pdf file. Any help? Thanks in advance.

  GroupFC 28 Feb 12

Yes download and instal Pdfsam as suggested in my post of 25th February! it will do what you want (and a whole lot more besides).

Alternatively if you don't want to instal any software, google for "online pdf splitter free" and you will get a number of offferings that would appear to able to do what you want (although I have not used any od the services as I use Pdfsam).


  octal 28 Feb 12

It seems like enough help has been given, but the posts haven't been read.


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