page error when playing games and other times

  carlinglover 22:05 28 Jan 03

this is a simple answer to a question that bugged me for ages... i couldnt play games and asked for help.. got many a different answer on how to cure it including a problem with ie6.. but the answer was i had a pop up stopper on lol.. which stop me from playing the game... the solution came to me in bed if it happens to others maybe that should be the first question on how to stop it... ty for all your help anyway... you lot are diamonds and i hope i can help somebody myself one day when i learn enough...

  AMD 4 ever 23:03 28 Jan 03

Excellent stuff, this is what I like to see, individual knowledge learnt, this is invaluable as Iam sure it will crop up at some point. And well done for an accurate title.

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