Page Cannot be Displayed in IE

  Confab 18:46 16 Mar 05

Can anyone access this website

click here

I can access it from my office computer but when I try it at home I get the "page cannot be displayed" error.



  p;3 18:48 16 Mar 05

I an get the first bit; what is beyond it?

  Jaro 20:07 16 Mar 05

i can access that website with no prob.

  Jaro 20:08 16 Mar 05

ye i got it you are just seller arent you :)

  p;3 20:24 16 Mar 05

can you yet open the page at home?

  Confab 21:31 16 Mar 05

Thanks for the replies. Yes, thats the strange thing, I can view the site at the office but not at home!

Do you think I should mail my ISP or could it be an IE setting that I need to change?


  octal 21:55 16 Mar 05

It could be your ISP or it could be something that's creeped into your hosts file that's blocking it.

I can't see anything particularly out of the ordinary with the site.

  Confab 22:02 16 Mar 05

Thank you you're a genius.

It was in my hosts file. I've removed it and now have access to the site.

Thanks again

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