"This page cannot be displayed"

  xxxxxxx 17:31 07 Jun 03

Thanks to all who tried to help me on this one but still no luck.
Problem: everytime I try to access any site via Internet Explorer I get the above message. I can access sites through AOL, but not as I could till a few days ago, via,say my favourites list.I have reloaded and upgraded to IE 6. Visited MSN helpsite and followed their tips. I feel it's something simple. It seems as if IE is not working on my computor. Any ideas chums.
Gordon. Atlanta USA

  vinnielo 18:36 07 Jun 03

See if TCP/IP is installed.

Check your connection options under Internet Options.

  anniesboy68 18:47 07 Jun 03

Oops sorry should be a new post

  xxxxxxx 18:50 07 Jun 03

Isn't that the point of the net,Annie? :-)
Viniello. What should the settings be...before I change anything.

  Djohn 18:55 07 Jun 03

click here for suggestions already tried from first thread. j

  xxxxxxx 19:06 07 Jun 03

DJohn....see above. I tried all that was suggested yesterday, including upgrading to IE6. Still in bewilderds-ville!!!

  Djohn 19:24 07 Jun 03

Yes, I've linked the first thread to this one so that people can see what has been suggested/tried.

Sorry you've had no luck so far, but I'm sure that someone in the forum will come up with the answer.

  vinnielo 19:25 07 Jun 03

Check you have correctly selected your dial up profile, or LAN.

Are you using the standard Windows dial-up connection program to dial in?

  xxxxxxx 05:26 08 Jun 03

I think so. I had no problem in the UK. But it seems that AOL has taken over my computor. (Paranoid?0 Wot is dial up profile and LAN and how do I check and change them?

  jessej 11:13 08 Jun 03

No doubt you have tried this as it is the one that AOL tell you to do. Go to 'start'; 'search'and search for all Global.org files. Then delete them. Next time you go onto AOL a new lot will be installed. It sometimes works for me, not always, but what does work though I haven't a clue why, I play LoopyLotto daily, at the bottom of the daily results is a reminder asking if you want to play again and, if so, click here. On clicking there up comes a message to say this page is not available offline, do you want to connect. Click on 'Connect' and everything is fine for up to several days, even weeks. Maybe somebody a whole lot cleverer than me can explain this, I've posted it on the AOL Help message board often, and asked AOL Tech Help, but nobody can tell me why.

  spikeychris 12:38 08 Jun 03

Have a look at these >>

click here

click here

click here

click here


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