page cannot be displayed ?

  Ikelos 08:37 20 Feb 07

hi, had the above message since saturday, been in touch with BT, spent hours on the phone, still the same, Iam on a wireless network, and the above applies to both laptops, i thought it was the netgear router, so i went out and got another one, spent an hour on phone to netgear, he said it must have a fault, so took it back and got another one, the BT BB is ok, because i have set this old laptop with an old acatel bb modem thingy, hence i can write this.

any one any idea at all


  Ikelos 08:40 20 Feb 07

PS; the little lights on the taskbar tell me it is all connected.

  jack 08:45 20 Feb 07

Which page is it not coming up.
Is it your home page or or a particular site.
From what you write it seems only one site, what about any other sites?

  Ikelos 08:54 20 Feb 07

sorry, should have worded it better, no web site at all will come up, the screen is blank except for the bit and bobs across the top..

  silverous 09:10 20 Feb 07

Can you send email or is it just web?
What about trying it wired (if you have the cable) - just plug into your router.

  Ikelos 09:13 20 Feb 07


i can send no emails, when i got the new wireless router yesterday, the guy from netgear help me set it up with a cable, and we pinged an address and it came back ok, but still we never got and internet connection, or i should say, could get no pages up


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