Page to Big???

  Jacob2122002 17:58 07 Aug 07

NetObjects Fusion 10

Hello Everyone,

I'm new at this web building stuff. I started about two days ago and have just be messing around with the program and learning all the tools for it. I ran into a problem though that I haven't figured out how to fix it yet.

Whenever I Preview the site. Theres alot of empty space on the right side of my page that I don't want. Theres nothing there either forcing it to expand.

click here

click here

Is there anyway I could get rid of that or if not, is there a way I could center everything?

Thank you

  djbenny 18:48 07 Aug 07

are you making it in word?

  Jacob2122002 18:57 07 Aug 07

No, I'm using only NetObject Fusion 10

  djbenny 19:11 07 Aug 07

ok, umm can you view the hrml in there?

if so find what is moviung to the left and put the <center> tags around it?

  mco 00:12 08 Aug 07

you could try going to layout view and clicking on centre on page...

  rachwelian 13:49 08 Aug 07


The <center> tag is deprecated these days. You shouldn't be using that...

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