Page 166 Issue 90 March 2003 Of PC Advisor

  Mac & Beth 22:50 12 Jan 03
  Mac & Beth 22:50 12 Jan 03

Bottom half states -

The PC Adviser Gamesroom has gone down a storm with our on-line forum members and its the place to go if you have gaming questions.

1) In the absence of the Gamesroom can we post Games question in the Help-room?

2) Is there a thread / page that explains why the Gamesroom disappeared when it was "going down a storm"?

  Pilch.... 22:53 12 Jan 03

i feel that PCA could of warned us.....

many of us there did try and get more interesting post's, EG GHIP gamers advent calender, debates on pricing of games and violence in games.....

but hey thats life.....

  astral traveller 22:54 12 Jan 03
  astral traveller 23:05 12 Jan 03

I should have been more specific. In answer to question 2) click here although may not be anything about "going down a storm"

  Mac & Beth 23:05 12 Jan 03

So it was closed two days before i got my copy of PCA telling me about the Gamesroom and how great it was!

I haven't read the thread fully but i understand PCA understand the Gamesroom situation and they made a decision.

Thanks for the link.

  Forum Editor 23:32 12 Jan 03

Mac & Beth.


2. Yes
click here

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