"Page 1 of 1" How do I not print this please !!?

  Cooter 14:08 17 May 05

Slightly annoyed but I'm sure you guys can help me out as usual.

Its a hp psc2210 all in one printer. Its something really obvious that I'm missing but I cant find how to change it. How on earth do I get the printer to forget/delete the "page1 of 1" thingy on the top right of each page printed? And while I'm here how I get it to forget about the date as well? And why isnt something like this really obvious and straight forward to change or is that just HP in general!!!?

Many thanks

  Sans le Sou 14:14 17 May 05

If you print from the web on-line I think you will always get the information you do not want.

  Sans le Sou 14:16 17 May 05

You can go into print preview then page set up and delete the headers and footers there.

  Cooter 14:17 17 May 05

Thanks fo the reply but this is a printer option I think. I'm actually trying to print an email. I'll give an offline thng a try anyway.


  Cooter 14:24 17 May 05

I cant seem to find any header/footer options anywhere. Or is this something to do manually?

  bof:) 14:33 17 May 05

hi Cooter, can you highlight them and deelete them manually?


  Sans le Sou 14:44 17 May 05

Did not realise it was mail, the options were for web pages etc.

  Sans le Sou 14:48 17 May 05

Could try select all /copy then paste into Word or something, all the unwanted stuff should vanish.

  Cooter 14:56 17 May 05

Thanks for replying again. I'm using Word now and yes its vanishing.

  Belatucadrus 15:17 17 May 05

It's part of the e-mail program, Thunderbird has the option to delete headers and footers, Outlook Express doesn't.

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