Packard Bell won't run on mains

  kevrock09 26 Oct 11

Hi My son has been gifted a Packard Bell Easynote model P5WS6. Unfortunately it came without a battery and will not run on mains alone. My quick and straightforward question is; 'Does this model require a battery inside it in order to work at all?' Thank you in anticipation Kev

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 26 Oct 11

No it doesn't need a battery.

If won't power up and you are sure adaptor output is good then looking like a DC power jack or motherboard problem.

  kevrock09 26 Oct 11

Thanks for your reply Fruit Bat. The laptop came with no adapter either, but the voltage and amperage matched those on my partners laptop ie. 19V 3.42A, presuming this is all i need to match up, as it is a different make. Thanks again! Kev

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 26 Oct 11

Size of jack plug can also make a difference

If its not making contact correctly on both inner and outer pins then it won't fire up.

  robin_x 26 Oct 11

Polarity! Centre positive or negative for the Easynote and what is on partners charger?

  kevrock09 27 Oct 11

Thanks very much for your help guys. I think for the price of a charger, that's the way forward. Just relieved it's not going to cost me double that for a new battery. Take care and thanks again. Regards Kev


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