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  prycey 15:44 11 Apr 07

My Packard Bell external hard drive seems to have stopped working. When I turn it on, the green light styas on for a few seconds but then it turns to red and flashes green quickly. Windows XP seems to have recognised the drive as I get that sound when you plug in a USB device but I can't access any of the data. Does it sound like it's totally broken? I've got a couple of weeks warranty on it left, but I would really like to get all my data back, or be able to fix it from home without having to send it off if possible. Thanks.

  prycey 15:49 11 Apr 07

I've also tried it on another computer and it does the same there.

I notice it's got little screws on the side - is it worth opening it up to have a little look?

  iscanut 15:51 11 Apr 07

I would not recommend opening it as what do you do then ? If still under warranty, get it back to them asap. Opening it will probably void the warranty anyway !

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