Packard Bell iMedia 1517 unable to find Multimedia Driver - please help

  esalim 04 Apr 12

Hello PC Advisors and those who can help, I have an obsolete model of PC which is Packard Bell iMedia 1517, recently reinstalled Windows XP 2002 SP3 but when trying to find the Multimedai Driver (e.g. Audio file in particular) unable to do so as my model no longer around - and google not much of a help,

Packard Bell website is as useless as my sound - please help!!!

  rdave13 04 Apr 12

Go here, select desktop (if it's that) select iMedia then you need to select what model number ie, PT.U03-PV.U03. You should get your drivers for XP there.

  rdave13 04 Apr 12

It looks older that what's provided. What model number is your 1517?

  rdave13 04 Apr 12

Have a look at this. You should have an idea of the age of the PC. Hunt for audio driver. If you're not sure what the driver is then copy and paste to a search engine.

You can run Belarc or SIW to find out what audio chip you have.

  Strawballs 04 Apr 12

Are there any other numbers on it ie PV.... or PT....?

  esalim 05 Apr 12

rdave13 and Strawballs Thank you guys for getting back on this one!!!

Here how the info appears on the label:

Model/Type: UTOW - ORI MS WHQL No: ORI 100074 S/N: 048231420104 PID: 0482314 P/N: PB13318701 MIM:

Product Name: IMEDIA 1517

I am running WinXP SP3

and that's about it:) Model is mentioned at the top but when visited website, dont think they have the right one, I have been looking for the driver for quite sometime now, thinking on giving up. lol

  rdave13 05 Apr 12

Did you run Belarc? What is your audio chip?


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