Packard Bell Easy Note LM51 WiFi and webcam not working

  claluc 18 Mar 13

I have been given an unused PB Easynote LM51 running Win7 Home Edition, everything is fine except for the wifi whose status light is constantly lit orange, pressing the on/off key has no effect. The automatic updates keep finding an update related to the network adapter but installation fails. The laptop connects properly to the weh using a hard wired connection to router. The second issue, unrelated and less important is that the integrated webcam doesn't work, it's detected through device manager and status report is that it's working fine, also detected by msn and others, microphone works ok but there is noo camera picture. Thanks for any help.

  onthelimit1 18 Mar 13

Sure it's not LM81, as their website doesn't list a 51. If so, choose 64 or 32 bit drivers from here

  claluc 18 Mar 13

Sorry my typo, it's 81 indeed. I have been on the website but it lists drivers for 3 different types of network adapter, how do I find out which one is installed in mine? System/Hardware/Properties lists Adapter but not a model. Could the fact that the system auto updates finds a driver for it but don't install be due to the fact that for some reason it's lost its ID and the system does not recognise it therefore does not install drivers?

  onthelimit1 18 Mar 13

Try the free (old version) of SIW from here. If that doesn't help, try the free Slimdrivers from here. Take care to untick any boxes that download other junk. Slimdrivers will scan your laptop and point to driver updates. I don't recommend updating everything it says you should, but it can help in situations such as yours to find specific drivers - go for those from the manufactures sites where possible.

  claluc 18 Mar 13

Thanks, I will give it a try tonight and let you know

  claluc 18 Mar 13

Have been looking around the web for possible solutions and instructions on how to replace wlan mini card should this be required, have come across a complete maintenance manual which is very detailed with photos and step-by-step instructions and whist reading something clicked in my mind, in fact this could also relate to the webcam issue.... the laptop went into a lab for a warranty issue with previous owner (my mother), and from the moment it came back she tells me that webcam actually never worked and orange wifi light was on.... reading the manual I see that the wlan antenna is located in the lcd beazel together with the webcam, so maybe a long shot but quite possible that rather than a driver issue this may simply be a hardware issue due to poor workmanship, may be something left disconnected? I have quite some experience working around desktops harware, never touched a laptop beut with detailed instructions like the ones I found I am tempted to give it a go, warranty has expired in the meantime anyway.

  onthelimit1 18 Mar 13

First, right click My Computer, click Properties, then Device Manager and see if there are any yellow exclam marks.

Replacing the WLAN card is easy, but they are very reliable. True the antenna(s) is/are in the bezel. Unlikely to be any prob there, but the tiny coax connectors to the card could be detached. You should be able to see by taking the odd panel off the base.

  claluc 18 Mar 13

Think I may save myself a lot of dissassembly work, tere is indeed a yellow mark next to the wlan card symbol, details read - device unknown - no drivers, everythings seems to be about to try the first method you suggested.

  claluc 19 Mar 13

Sorted, It was a driver issue after all, webcam is definitely gone but not too bothered about that, thanks for your help! :-)

  onthelimit1 19 Mar 13

Thanks for the feedback


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