P4 Thermal paste or pad?

  paxo2 13:36 26 Apr 04

I have bought a P4 2.8 Prescott and installed with heatsink and fan onto what I now know as a faulty Asus P4S800. If I take the fan/heatsink off and remove the CPU what should I be using to re attatch the two when my replacement board arrives, thermal paste or another thermal pad. The heatsink came with a pad on it ready for installation, but I guess as I have to remove the used pad as this won't be any good a second time around. Any suggestions/ideas?

  ThePharcyde007 13:42 26 Apr 04

Dude why a buy a Prescott?!? they have been benchmarked over and over again and proven to be slower that the Northwood they replaced aswell as running hotter! Should have saved your pennies until the new pin config comes out like me and brought a 3.4/800 running at a nice and cool 30'oc which will eat 2.8 alive despite its level 2 1MB Cache!

As regards the themal pad on the heatsink, it wont need to be replaced when you move over to new mobo I have done this on numeral occasions with no probs, you new mobo should have heat sensors on it, keep a eye when you replace it should sit at a nice warm 35-40'c idle!

  Djohn 14:13 26 Apr 04

When you replace your heatsink Carefully remove all trace of the pad and apply a new one, or paste if you wish. Whichever you decide, you "MUST" renew the paste/pad. Do not use the old one.

If you do use paste, just a tiny amount will do, try to obtain a nice even thickness equal to the normally supplied pad. As you will realise this is very thin, about the same thickness as a piece of 80-90 gram paper. j.

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