P4 speed and set up

  DP 18:39 30 Apr 03

I have just got a 2.4 P4 on a MSI 648 mobo. The P4 claims to have FSB of 533. But when I look at the MSI Fuzzy Logic utility it says the CPU speed is FSB 133 with a 18 multiplier! Does this mean anything to anyone?!! Have I a dud CPU?

  Paperback Writer 18:47 30 Apr 03

Nope - your CPU is fine.

18 * 133 is 2394

I think it's "quad-pumped" or something similar ( 133 * 4 + 532 - rounded up to 533 )

  DP 23:18 30 Apr 03

Thanks PW - its a complicated business this computing

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