P4 2.8GHz/3.06GHz CPU Coolers

  Sagar-231333 20:40 30 Jun 03

Hi! I am about to upgrade a three year old computer. It currently has a PIII 450MHz processor in it. I want to upgrade it to a 2.8GHz or 3.06GHz processor.

Can you suggest a good cooler for a P4 2.8GHz/3.06GHz processor, which is quite and efficient at keeping these processors cool?

Or would it be better to go for a water cooling system.

Any suggestions will be appreciated.

Best Wishes

Sagar Shah

  Psiman 20:57 30 Jun 03

No need for water cooling on a P$. Here is a good selection of P4 coolers click here

  Psiman 22:19 30 Jun 03

As an aside, please excuse the 'Grandma' and 'sucking eggs' bit, but you do realise you need to upgrade the mobo, ram and PSU as well to accommodate your new CPU? Your present mobo probably runs the Intel BX chipset (not P4 stuff) It all entails building nearly a new PC.

  Sagar-231333 12:53 01 Jul 03

I know that I need to upgrade the Motherboard, Processor & Ram. I have currently got a 300W power supply, which according to my knowledge should do the job.

Going back to the original question. What would define a good CPU fan?

  BillEmm 21:32 01 Jul 03

Zalman's CNPS7000-Cu is considered the best cooler at the lowest noise level for top P4 CPUs. On the down side is the fact that it cannot fit on all motherboards. There is a list of unsuitable boards on the Zalman site or see here:

click here


  DieSse 21:57 01 Jul 03

Get an intel boxed processor - they come complete with excellent coolers, and the right one for the processor you buy - and a proper end -user warranty.

  Psiman 22:21 01 Jul 03

Not quite correct I'm afraid. You will need an approved P4 PSU complete with correct power connectors.

As I mentioned, PIII to P4 upgrade is a virtual rebuild. You should consider a minimum of a 450W PSU to allow for future upgrades in graphics cards, optical drives and USB ports.

As for your original question? Bin axial CPU fans, go centrifugal, go CoolerMaster Aero 7+.

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