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  Crazygeorge3 23:29 21 Apr 07

Hello there,
For some reason, P2P file sharing programs run a bit strange for me. I think my ip blocks them until midnight-9am, so i can't really use them. I am downloading quite an important file and i am having to get up early just so it will download, which as you can imagine is annoying. Does anyone know of a way to to get around this?

  johnnyrocker 23:31 21 Apr 07

(a) leave pc on? or what file sharing protocol are you using?


  p;3 23:33 21 Apr 07

which program are you using? my thinking is that the download is being blocked by ?your ?ISP for a very good reason

  Kate B 23:37 21 Apr 07

ISPs do "manage" bandwidth - are you by any chance on cable in south Wales? click here

  p;3 23:37 21 Apr 07

you need also to look at the forum rules ; page 5 'forbidden territory'::))

  Crazygeorge3 00:20 22 Apr 07

i am using Utorrent, no i am not using cable in south wales i am using Tiscali in the East. Thanks for your help everyone

  DrScott 00:29 22 Apr 07

that I can imagine is leaving your computer and P2P program on over night. Set the download to start during the day, and then at night it should kick in and connect.

  rdave13 00:39 22 Apr 07

Maybe you need to talk to your ISP about their "fair usage policy" and if you don't get the service you pay for then you will move, stating their product DOESN'T supply what you pay for.

  p;3 07:42 22 Apr 07

your ISP may well be blocking something or restricting you due to the nature OF P2P material ,copyright issues etc

if so they will have very good reasons for so doing and they may be protecting themselves against assisting with the illegal downloading and use of copyright materials

you may wish to contact your ISP and discuss with them what you are doing and their policy on this;

of interest, do you have any other problems apart from this with your set up?

have a read of their 'acceptable use' policy
click here

  Crazygeorge3 09:03 22 Apr 07

I am almost certain its not that because programs such as limewire for example won't even get a connection until the specified times. If you a wondering what i am downloading via Utorrent its nothing illegal. Is it safe to leave my desktop on for a long time?, i have a brand new HP and i was curious about doing that.

  p;3 10:15 22 Apr 07

'Is it safe to leave my desktop on for a long time?'

what do YOU mean BY 'a long time'?

my home comp is OFF when not needed; one very important thing though I suggest is to ensure the internet connection is OFF when the comp is left unattended

I would not like MINE to be left running and connected to the BB without my being on it; but ther have been long debates on here about leaving comps on 24/7;
mine is OFF unless needed

also; if you ARE using these p2p things you have no idea what ' unwanted guests 'may get downloaded with the apparently 'legal' stuff do you; of interest, what ARE you seeking TO download?

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