p2p file sharing

  husky dawn 13:14 06 Feb 04

I heard Kazzaa is full of virus's......any ideas for a safe alternative? Thanks.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 13:22 06 Feb 04

Kazaa itself is not full of viruses, just the files that can be downloaded may not have been properly checked or sent from a secure system. When you download a file from ANY P2P source you are effectively opening up a free port. In theory, anything can be sent through this port and users need to be aware of this. You should be safe here click here and click here or any similar site....this one is probably better click here and Virgin also do a similar site. You would be safer using these sites.


  husky dawn 14:30 06 Feb 04

I just downloaded Morpheus and it sent a trojan horse virus with it. Luckly my virus scanner picked it up immediatly and i have got rid. So, I think I shall stick with Kazzaa. Beter the devil you know and all that!!

  Suzuki itfc 16:05 06 Feb 04

click here No spyware or Viruses. Also Win MX is good.

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