Overwrite/Insert not working in MS Word

  Tj_El 22:07 02 May 04


I hope this is a quick one. While typing up a document using MS Word I tried using the Overwrite/Insert function but noticed that the OVR did not appear in the status bar neither did it overtype. The function does however work while I type this so I figure it has to do with the Office product.

Can anyone help me out here? Oh, btw it's Office 97...yeah I know, I know but hey if it works OK why replace it ;-)

Thanks in advance.


  Peter 22:36 02 May 04


Perhaps you have got Word '97 set up to use the INSERT key to paste from the clipboard. You can check by going to the Tools, Options... Edit Tab and see if the "Use the INS key for paste" option is checked. If so uncheck it to restore the normal function to the INSERT key.

Alternatively if you prefer to use the INSERT key to paste you may toggle the Insert/Overwrite mode by double clicking the "OVR" segment of the status bar at the bottom of the Word '97 screen. When the "OVR" text is grey the insert mode is active, if black overwrite mode is active.


  Peter 09:59 03 May 04


  Peter 15:33 03 May 04


Received by email from Whisperer

"Peter, just a short note to thank you for your tip re the double-click on the OVR, and by inference the other 4 options. At 66 one is never to old to learn something new, especially about computers or their software. Best wishes Gordon (aka Whisperer)"

I think most of us, irrespective of age (I'm not so young myself), are never too old to learn something new. If that happens we should ready ourselves for the wooden overcoat!

PS - If you double-click on the printer icon in the status bar when you have just started printing, printing will be cancelled.


  Tj_El 18:59 25 Nov 04


Sorry I never got round to responding to your entry then but better late than never I guess. I'm doing my 'green tick' house cleaning and came across this and ...

Thanks again.

Glad to see I wasn't the only one who was helped on this :-))

With regards,


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