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overheating cpu

  bill.gates 18:19 24 Jun 03

My athlon 2000 cpu keeps overheating on my Gigabyte main board. I have replaced the heatsink and fan but still have the same problem, the heatsink is able to cope with a 3000 Athlon cpu, mine usually runs about 75 - 80 degrees, maximum should be about 55 DEGREES. Can anybody help me please... thanks Richard...

  PA28 19:19 24 Jun 03

Thermal grease and copious fans. Is 75 degrees high for an Athlon? (now you know why I stuck with a P4!).

  malgall 19:32 24 Jun 03

over heating is a problem for all cpu the faster they go the hotter
i have just installed a coolmaster hhc L61 quiet
and my system is idle its in low 40s

one other problem i changed my case because the old one had no extra vents or places for extra fans that made a differance and it means if my 3d card does get hot i have an extra fan on side panel to blow air onto it but i have not needed it not yet(that may change next time i upgrade
my 3d card)
good luck

  Bluescreen 23:16 24 Jun 03

It sounds like either a poor sensor reading or you have forgotten to connect the fan to the mobo;-). Never seen a 2000xp run so hot with a good heatsink and fan in what ever room, unless it is in a greenhouse!Does it shut down when it gets this hot...or are you just concerned at the temp in bios or mobo monitor?

  STEVE71163 06:57 25 Jun 03

I have got a xp 2000 and in this hot weather it runs at about 47c-54c after being on for about 12 hours. It sounds like a faulty sensor to me. How are you checking the temperature?

  PA28 20:45 25 Jun 03

Box ticked? What was the answer bill.?

  accord 20:48 25 Jun 03

ive got an xp 2000+ on an asus A7V8X mobo and same as STEVE71163 av 50c.

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