overclocking were is the pages

  Entwhistle2 18:47 PM 07 Nov 13

were is the overclocking pages.

  iscanut2 20:17 PM 07 Nov 13

? What exactly are you wanting ?

  Entwhistle2 20:30 PM 07 Nov 13

help with overclockin

  iscanut2 20:43 PM 07 Nov 13

You will need to be far more specific as we do not know your question.

  rdave13 20:55 PM 07 Nov 13

No overclocking forums here. You'll need specialist overclocking forums if you need to. Simple facts of the ethos here, in my humble opinion, is to help get running OSs as they should. Nothing more and nothing less.

Search for an Overclocking forum and take care what you start off with. You don't want to have a door stopper.


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