overclocking should i atempt it

  bigface 16:15 20 Oct 05

I was given this comuter a few months ago it didnt run very well(cause of age) so opened it up figured what the bits were added some memmory and now it runs ok bit i saw in pc advisor the article about overclocking and wonderd if it would benifit me and should i attempt it.This computer is 7 year`s old intel celeron 320mb 20GB windowsME .ps what does disk compresion not installed mean and should i install it

  bremner 16:29 20 Oct 05

You would notice no difference on processor that old and you could destroy the processor and/or memory.

  DieSse 16:31 20 Oct 05

"disk compresion not installed"

This is a method for giving more hard drive space by compressing all the data on it. It would slow down the computer a tad, as the data has to be continually compressed and uncompressed as it's read and writen to the drive.

If the system ever *screws up* compressed disks can be one devil of a job to sort out - so I would stay away from it.


As it happens some models of Celerons are particularly easy to overclock and can give good results. BUT - it depends which model you have, and after 7 yars you'd almost certainly have to improve the cooling fan on the processor.

Personally, with a machine this old, which you're never going to make into a speed demon by any method - I'd accept it for what it is, is, as you say, it's now running OK. It's easier to write it off if you're unsure about what you're doing, than it is to improve it!!

  bigface 17:40 20 Oct 05

thanks alot for that i wont attempt it now i`ll try and save beertokens and buy new pc or maybe!!!!

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