Overclocking Problems with Phenom 11x4955 in a Asus M2n32-SLIdeluxe mb

  Elkopop 05 Sep 11

Multiplier changes within the Bios are not activated when checking on Cpu-z which just shows as x4. Can change FSP up to 225mhz with multiplier still on x4, before comp crashes on windows start up. Cpu individual core readings only go up to high 800's. Have looked up mb manual which does explain the bios o/clock features quite clearly but this cpu was a recent purchase blackedition which should not be locked butseems to be as multiplier changes in bios do not affect cpu core speeds. Also Nvidia control panel shows MCP temp as 235degrees-t5hink this is too high? Have got the article on www.wikihow.com/Overclock-a-pc which is good but still cant make sense as to why comp so slow. Also have disabled the mb feature CoolnQuiet which throttles down the speed if left on- any thoughts anyone please?

  gengiscant 06 Sep 11

Although you state that your CPU should not be locked,unfortunately this is not always the case and you have just got unlucky with your purchase. I am having an overclocking problem with my i5 2500K I can only just get it to 4GHz and it should go a lot higher, but it won't. These things happen.

A bit of info here: Overclock

The temperature thing 235 degrees, what's that?

You do not give much info on the slowness of your PC, overclocking will not really help if the problems are elsewhere, what do you use your PC for?

  Elkopop 09 Sep 11

Thanks gengi, have now discovered that contrary to the advice advertised about thi processor being backwards compatible with am2 and am2+ motherboards, even with the latest Bios version 5002 and a little overclocking to 3.6 from 3.2ghz the processor is restricted to below (3.9 cpu on windows 7 performance test as against 6.9 for the twin core) the performance of the Athlon 2 5600 2.8ghz twin core it replaced and created misleading MCP temperature and fan readings of 10 rpm!! via nvidia system monitor. Have reinstalled the twin core to the motherboard and am now looking for the most suitable Asus board at the lower budget end, M4A87TD 72pnd on Ebuyer plus 2x4gb of ddr3 mem 35pnds, hopefully will then see what effect it has on Arma 2 or Shogan Total War :)


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