Overclocking my CPU

  m117chief 22:57 19 Apr 07

Ok i can overclock my CPU in my BIOS but it will only go up by an extra 320mhz. Is there a tool that will allow me to try overclocking some more, i understand all the risks involved, ive read up and looking into overclocking CPU and graphics card. now i want to go a little further than what my BIOS will allow. any suggestions on programs to help me with this please, cheers.

  skidzy 23:07 19 Apr 07

Same cpu as this thread click here

If so,what have you got it running at now ?

  m117chief 23:14 19 Apr 07

no ive change it now too


  skidzy 23:24 19 Apr 07

I dont think your going to get this much higher,but if you do...your need extra cooling.

Have a look here,it may be possible click here

  jam500 07:04 20 Apr 07

Good chip, I was looking for a 3GHz P4 but found them a bit out of my price range especially the extreme edition that you have. I now have a 2.8GHz Northwood one overclocked so far to 3.2GHz. My Motherboard has not got alot of features for overclocking as i can only do the FSB, Before i had a 2.5GHz P4 and got it to 3GHz so i would say that as you have an extreme edition you could at least get it over the 3.5GHz mark, But it all depends on what your motherboard can do. On the thread the skidzy pointed you too it seems he was using ClockGen.

  m117chief 08:02 20 Apr 07

well thanks for the advice ill have to look into it some more and see how it go's. cheers again.

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