Overclocking my cpu

  Cam123 22:07 17 Aug 06

I need some help in overclocking my cpu , now i know this is frowned upon by the maufactures but ive decided i want to give it ago. Ive got and amd 4000 san diego core processor , one which ive heard is very good for overclocking. It runs at 2.4 ghz , but i would like to up this to 2.6ghz. I also have 1gb of ddr 3200 , 400mhz ram and an asus a8ne-fm mobo , basically an a8ne. Ive also bought an arctic cooling freezer 64 pro heatsink and fan for the processor so it can run smoothly at these higher temps from overclocking.
Anyway, ive got a very vague idea of how its done but if someone could tell me exactly what i should do i would be most grateful ( i dont want to do it and find i've missed something else and end up frying a load of components)
many thanks

  Strawballs 22:11 17 Aug 06

There are people here that know about this (I am not) but here is an example of a forum that specialises in this. click here

  woodchip 22:27 17 Aug 06

One word, "Don't"

  Cam123 22:38 17 Aug 06

dont worry lol , i got the amd athlons really cheap so i bought two, so ive got a backup processor

  woodchip 22:43 17 Aug 06

Overclocking can destroy your MOBO also and Graphics card

  Cam123 22:52 17 Aug 06

it can indeed , but i checked it out , running the san diego core at 2.6ghz isn't that extreme with average temperature settings of around 50-55 oC

  ~#@@#~ 22:59 17 Aug 06

In the bios under advanced, have you a setting for jumper free configuration? Move down to overclock options and pick the overclock 10% tab.

save and exit.

That should run it at 2.62GHZ with stable voltages.

  SANTOS7 23:19 17 Aug 06

overclocking will give you no discernable diference in performance or otherwise, it will for sure, reduce the life of your components and compromise the stability of your system.
just because you can, does not mean you have to!!!
if you want to improve the performance your PC, COOL it down or add more memory, keep it optomised with good housekeeping.....

  Cam123 20:09 18 Aug 06

unfortunately i dont have a setting for the jumpers :( in the bios

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