Overclocking Gigabyte K8N Ultra SLI...

  Samuelson 23:14 08 Sep 05

Does anyone have this board? And have they overclocked their CPU with it?

I have an AMD 64 4000+ San Diego, and it doesnt want to overclock at all. Can someone explain how to over clock it with this mobo. Thanks!

  Zaphod Beeblebrox 23:58 08 Sep 05

click here

you may find some usefull information here

bear in mind though that overclocking may stress and
cause irreprible damage to components

  Zaphod Beeblebrox 00:01 09 Sep 05

click here
may also help

  Samuelson 19:03 11 Sep 05

I have overclocked a very small ammount, however if I try to do it any more, the machine just reboots after the message "warning, cpu frequency over clock. press del before next boot if overclock fails...". It wont boot past this message, its not crashing, just rebooting itself. Is something limiting it.

I heard this CPU can overclock to something very high like 3.0GHz, mine is currently only on 2.4Ghz....

  Strawballs 20:30 11 Sep 05
  pb457 20:06 23 Sep 05

Why? What advantages are you going to get the 4000+ is already a top end Single core CPU nothing demands 3.0GHz Speed in Ghz isn't everything you know.
Zaphod is right overclocking can destroy your system.
If you want more power you should invest in an FX55 or FX57 chip or X2.

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