Overclocking advice

  robbo1987 28 Jan 13

Hi guys, first of all sorry If I've posted this in the wrong place.

I have a foxconn a88gmx motherboard with a phenom x2 1090t processor.

It's currently rubbing at the stock 3.2GHZ with a stock air cooler, and it's idling at around 35-40.

I want to possibly overclock to help me get better performance in FSX.

Don't expect to get upto anything silly but somewhere upto or around 3.8ghz would be a nice start.

First of all I know I will need better cooling. But don't have a massive budget so water cooling may be a bit out of my reach, but I have seen an "Arctic Cooling Freezer A30 CPU Cooler" over at scan. Would something like that be adequate?

My next question is how to go about the overclock correctly? I had a quick go by upping the clock multiplier in the bios from 200 to 210 which gave me a bit more juice, I then upped it to 220 which got me to around the 3.6 mark, and it worked however once I tested with a bit of load it didn't take long to cut out so I can only assume it overheated so I reverted back to how it was. Would I need to be changing any voltages etc aswell? I'm not a complete idiot when it comes to but when it comes to overclocking I am a complete noob.

I have been using hw monitor to look at my temps, and with the stock fan and at stock speeds under load the cpu is reaching upwards of 60c so I don't think there's any room for manoeuvre with my current setup.

  Chronos the 2nd 28 Jan 13

Is your chip not a Phenom 11 x 6 1090T? But whatever overclocking you have in mind you will certainly need a better cooler than the stock one. The Arctic Cooling Freezer A30 is certainly a decent cooler I have a Artic cooler in one of my PC's.

I have managed to find a video which may help but I cannot provide detailed help as I am an Intel man and my current CPU the i5 2500K is simplicity to overclock to 4.5Ghz from 3.3Ghz.

To thoroughly test your overclock Prime95 is a popular torture-testing program or Intel Burn Test, OCCT, Cinebench, 3dmark.

Overclocking Video.

  robbo1987 28 Jan 13

Sorry yes I meant II x6 1090T, don't know where I got x2 from!..

Thanks for the Video, Seems simple enough! Not sure how well my motherboard will handle it but I'll buy a new cooler and see what happens!

  Chronos the 2nd 28 Jan 13

Foxconn,not the best mobos to be honest.


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