Overclock Risks??

I have overclocked my Athlon XP 2200+ (1.8GHz) to run as a 2600+ (2.1 GHz).

The core temp never rises above about 43 degrees (celsius) even when playing Call of Duty for too long!!

Have installed a large heatsink and uprated all fans to really keep air moving.

Are there any long term risks to overclocking as long as temps are monitored and kept low??

  hugh-265156 17:41 03 Mar 04

im sure you know the risks involved as,after all you have read up on overclocking before you carried this out yeah?

heat is the main killer but your temps are fine and you have installed better cooling,just keep an eye on them.

there may be stabillity problems due to voltage requirements now that things are running faster than spec and as the hardware is designed to have a finite lifespan running at a certain speed,running it over spec will shorten this.

im only relating what i have read myself and am no expert on this.type "overclocking" into click here for lots of info.

  JIM 17:48 03 Mar 04

link from the past,if you have the right core.Your temps,seem nice and low?

"Being that this CPU already runs extremely hot, about 50° C under a full load with one of my best heatsinks"

click here

Yeah correct temps, had to upgrade case cooling when overclocked the core, now cooler than when running as a 2200.

Have two 120 mm fans, plus huge heatsink and fan.

Cheers for the links guys

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